The Most Common Accidents People Get From Tree Cutting

UK – Tree cutting is a dangerous task, no doubt about that. That is why most people would rather call on the professionals whenever they have a serious problem with the trees they have at home other than doing the tree work themselves. Understandably, this is the wisest decision they can ever make. Tree regulations are placed not only to protect trees but to protect the people as well. If a tree dies or gets diseased, however, it would need to be put down. Both pruning and cutting are best left to the arborists and tree surgeons because if you don’t, you might experience the following common tree cutting accidents.

  1. Getting Struck. The most common accident one can get from cutting trees is getting struck. In worst case scenarios, you or your property could get struck by a tree wrongly cut. Property struck by a tree could seriously cost you a lot on repairs or rebuilding and if you get struck, you would either become vegetable or get killed. But in most cases, people get struck by falling branches or limbs.
  2. This is the second most common accident from tree cutting. People could either fall from a ladder, from the roof if tree is accessible via roof, or from the tree itself due to poor harnessing.
  3. When a tree is planted near a power line, the biggest risk would have to be electrocution. Electrocution is seriously fatal that is why you should be very careful when cutting branches near the wires. If you don’t get killed by the electrocution, the fall might kill you.
  4. Impact Injuries. When equipment fails, such as a rope breaking or a lift mechanism malfunctioning, you could get thrown off or pinned against another structure, both could result in injuries.
  5. Cuts could range from serious to moderately serious depending on the manner of its cause. You could get cut from misusing or mishandling power equipment such chainsaws or hacksaws.

These are the most common accidents a person can get from tree cutting that is why if you want to avoid them, you would opt to call on capable professionals like those from Ark Fencing & Treework instead.