The Rare Experience Of Diving In Forbidden Waters

Many people are aware of the Hawaiian Islands that stretch from Hawaii to the southeast end of the chain to Kauai at the northwest end. However, there is an island whose existence is unknown to the greater majority. The privately owned island of Ni’ihau measures 6 by 19 miles and lies 18 miles west of Kauai and 138 miles southeast of the closest Northwestern Island. The population of Ni’ihau is less than 200 residents.

The brothers who own the island of Ni’ihau have restricted access to the island in order to preserve their privacy. Even Mick Jagger was not allowed to land his helicopter on the island. An invitation to visit the island of Ni’ihau is considered unique and rare. Recently, the owners started helicopter tours but without interaction from the island’s residents. Visitors are not allowed to scuba dive on the famous reefs around Ni’ihau.

Ni’hau is no longer the forbidden island but the 33-mile journey across the Kaulakahi Channel is still very intimidating. Experienced divers who have tried diving around Ni’ihau and its neighboring island Lehua Rock are one in saying that the place is one of the best in Hawaii. Lehua is an entirely different world from Kauai with its rich green mountains and heavy rainfall. Ni’ihua and Lehua do not receive much rainfall so that its waters are blue and clear making the underwater experience worth the high price and long sea voyage.

According to dive guides, people should not miss the opportunity to experience the underwater seascape that is dramatically different from other diving sites all over the world. Gaither Rosser of Bubbles Below Kauai considers Ni’ihau are one of the three spectacular diving sites of the world because of the abundance of fishes and the chance to see large sharks, stingrays and other denizens of the underwater world.

In Thailand, one of the best diving sites can be found in the Similan Islands. In order to enjoy the opportunity to explore what the island has to offer, try Similan liveaboard dive trips from early November to early May. Diving during this time of the year will allow you to an unforgettable experience in the underwater world.