The World’s First 5-Star Luxury Hotel For Cats

Malaysia’s Catzonia is the world’s first 5-star hotel for cats. Among its luxury offerings are spa and grooming services, temperature-controlled rooms and “dating service” for female cats. The 35-bedroom cattery that can be found in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is manned by a staff composed of cat lovers who can pamper the cats while their owners are away on vacation.

The hotel offers four-room categories for the cats. There is an extremely luxurious room called Very Very Important Cat (VVIC) that can accommodate up to 10 adult cats or mother cat and her kittens. The room includes 3 king-sized cat beds, a mini playground with a separate toilet.

The other hotel rooms can fit between 3 to 7 cats and come with either a queen, double or single bed. Every day, there are 3 feeding and cleaning sessions. Some of the rooms have shower facilities, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

The VVIC and VIC rooms have CCTV’s so that cat owners who are anxious about their pets can monitor them using mobile app. Different options are available for cat grooming like medicated cat grooming service that makes use of a special shampoo to cure the cat’s skin and rid it of fleas. Feline guests can stay at the cat hotel between three hours and a year. The room price starts from RM25 (£4.50) per night.

Even cats deserve a holiday where they are treated as the boss. In order to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable vacation, the cats are treated in an environment that resembles home where they are always hugged and cuddled.  At the hotel, cats do not suffer from loneliness.

Catzonia is only one among a range of hotels that host cats. At Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, there is a luxurious pet-friendly hotel that comes complete with a 4-poster bed, state-of-the-art sound system and fine dining with a menu specially developed for cats.

In a lush hilltop in south-western Phuket, you will find 5 star hotel in Patong. It overlooks two magnificent bays which mean an excellent view from your hotel windows. The hotel is situated in an exceptional location where you will be reminded of a traditional Thai village.