Tour The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum To Know The History Of Death Railway

Kanchanburi is a beautiful city located seventy-five miles to the west of Bangkok. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and is close to the country’s border with Myanmar. The Kanchanburi province introduces the visitors to the vast history of Thailand.

Kanchanburi has a number of tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Visitors should not miss visiting the Hellfire pass, Kanchanburi War Cemetery and tour museum in Kanchanburi, which provides a glimpse into the history of Second World War.

Tourists should plan a visit and tour museum in Kanchanburi, which is built and maintained by the Australian Government. The national memorial museum honours the memory of the countless number of war prisoners and labourers from Asia, who lost their lives during the construction of Death Railway.

The Death Railway is a popular railway line built during the Second World War by the Japanese army. The railway connected Bangkok to Burma. The Japanese forces used the prisoners of war from British, Australia, Netherlands and many other countries, along with Asian civilians as labourers for the construction of the Railway line. Most of the labourers lost their lives during the construction because of the hot and humid weather, inhuman and pathetic working conditions, starvation and torture by Japanese forces. The labourers were made to toil for nearly sixteen to eighteen hours a day without proper food. The construction of the bridge stopped after the end of world war.

Most of the portions of the railway are destroyed by the Thai and Burmese governments after the end of the war. Some portions of the Death Railway still exist in the rugged forests and mountain slopes of Kanchanburi. The hellfire pass, which is the largest cutting on the route, is converted into a national memorial by the Thai Government. Tourists can tour museum in Kanchanburi to get information about the Death railway and view some of the original artefacts for the construction of the railway.

The Hellfire memorial museum organizes guided tours for the visitors interested to tour museum in Kanchanburi. The guided tour takes the visitors to the important points on the Death Railway and the impressive rock cuttings along the railway line. Visitors can also pay their respects to the countless souls who lost their lives during the construction at the memorial site of the museum.