Trendy Floor Home Designs

Putting in new home designs in your house will translate into big cash when you sell it to interested buyers. New home designs create vibrancy in your house space as well.

In designing homes, most homeowners place their attention on the decorations, color schemes between the walls and the furniture. The floor is sometimes left behind in the brainstorm of new home designs. Perhaps it is time to redo your floors. But what would your design be, what materials will you use? Long ago, when you say flooring, the only thing that comes into mind is hard wood. Today however, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can consider any of the following:

• Cork

Cork floors are soft under your feet; maintenance is easy and could last for quite a long time. It is a great choice in children’s playroom to music rooms. Floors made up of cork are comfortable to walk on than tile flooring and floors made of hard wood. There is also a wide array of color to choose from.

• Wood look tile

Manufacturers these days are very good at creating wood like surfaces on porcelain and ceramics. If your style is a rustic or a modern look in your home, then you can always purchase that tile product that will suit the vibe in your house.

• Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has become popular these days. Thanks to advancement in technology. Manufactured vinyl floorings look closely the same with hard wood and tiles. They tend to be more durable and can be easily maintained.

• Belts

Old belts are being fashioned to have the same thickness. These are glued together into panels so that they can cover floors and walls.

• Pebbles

Pebbles are mostly used as flooring in bathrooms so that your feet will feel like they are massaged. You could have this feeling while walking all over the house if you make use of pebbles as flooring in your house.

• Porcelain Tile

Plain looking old porcelains are a thing of the past. The porcelains today have great designs with the help of ink jet technology. Some porcelain tiles are printed to appear like stones or fabrics.