Turning Vacation Photographs Into Works Of Art

It is common for travelers to take photographs of places they visit while on holiday whether it is a snowy landscape or a tropical resort. Some of the images can be enlarged as home décor. There are print methods and processes for a glossy or matte finish, for photo printing on canvas or turning the image into a poster.

There are professional photo printing shops but the internet is home to the lesser-known printing services that use uncommon surfaces like burlap, wood boards or stick-and-peel fabric to enlarge photographs and turn them into wall art. Even those old favorite photographs that you have kept inside the closets can be enlarged to various sizes and printed on a different surface.

Printing on wood boards is rather unique. It is perfect for nature photos because wood grain will show through the image. The result will be a lovely alternative from the more common paper printed and framed photographs. It will look like an amateur painting that can perfectly complement the scenery behind your desk at the office.

Printing photographs on stick-and-peel fabrics is a departure from traditional photo enlargement. When an image is printed on fabric, it can be peeled off to adhere on surfaces like walls, ceilings, tiles and finished wood surfaces. Aside from fabrics, photographs can also be printed on canvas and turned into frameless pieces of wall art.

Another way to print photographs into large lightweight prints is the engineer prints that are commonly used by architects. The printed images may not appeal to everybody but it will be appreciated by those who prefer the industrial or bohemian look in their décor. Previously, engineer prints come only in black and white but recent technology has allowed colored prints. However, the paper used is rather thin and the lines on the images are softer than usual prints.

Photographs printed into canvas are one of the more popular Wall Art Prints because it makes a perfect presentation of a favorite family portrait or scenery you caught on camera. The canvas print can also be an ideal gift to a family member, friend or loved one for any occasion.