Two Tenants Left Melton Business Park But Site Is Growing

The Melton Business Park continues to thrive despite the recent news that two of the established businesses that have been a permanent resident on the Park, Pera Technology Solutions Ltd and Pera Consulting (UK) Ltd, have already transferred into administration.

There are new 15 companies that have entered to be relocated into the Melton Business Park. These companies came from different parts of the country such as Peterborough, Bedfordshire, Grantham and Loughborough. There are also firms that decided to set up shop there and make the park their new head office in the United Kingdom.

According to the sales and marketing manager under Pera Business Park, Carrie Potter, it is great news for the business park because in a span of three months there have been 15 companies that are vying to move into the site. This is a proof that the business community they have set up in Melton has a great facility as well as a successful one.

Potter also added that their approach is very flexible and they have the capacity to make any office or industrial space a place that meets the requirements of the tenant which is a great contributor in making sure the growth of the business in the future. This, according to her, is the reason why many companies outside of the site are attracted to set up offices within the business park. With this move, the companies are able to expand as well as recruit employees coming from Melton Mowbray. The business park has a comprehensive support package that is suitable for companies that are just staring out and they will have the chance to launch a company within the vicinity of different companies but with like-minded goals.

The 15 new companies decided to occupy an office building and some have industrial spaces because they wanted to relocate and have their new business address in Melton. These companies are comprised of start-up and big business names in the industry.

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