U.S. Economy May Benefit From IT Industry

The IT industry is huge when talking in the economical sense but one does not grasp just how huge it is unless they have been a part of CompTIA training in Melbourne. In order for one to understand, it is important to be familiar with the tech Trade Snapshot 2017 hosted by CompTIA. The report was published early last month and will be able to shed some light regarding the actual size of the IT sector.

  • According to the United States International Trade Association, last year, the tech products and services that have been exported by the country are worth approximately $309 billion.
  • Out of the entire revenue from the tech industry in the United States, the export is responsible for about one-fourth of the whole. It is estimated that for every $3 that the locals spend on tech here in the United States, it is matched by $1 from those spending outside of the nation’s borders.
  • Export from the tech industry is responsible for 4 out of every 10 jobs in the manufacturing companies in the country.
  • In terms of production, the top states that have been producing tech products are Texas, California, Florida, Oregon and Illinois.
  • The majority of tech exports are due to countries Canada and Mexico. Last year, about $74.8 billion of revenue was from Canada and Mexico. This means that out of the total $309 billion, 25 per cent is coming from the two countries.
  • The biggest trade surplus is happening between Canada and United States with revenue of almost $18 billion last year.

What is interesting is that despite the fact that the total revenue have increased due to the exports of tech products as well as services, the product side seemed to be decreasing minimally. With the seen important of the tech industry in the country, it is only adequate that many are aiming to experience CompTIA training in Melbourne to further their knowledge. With the data presented, it is proof that the tech export of the country is doing well despite the stagnant growth of the current economy.


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