Utah Limousine And The Technology Of Green Fleet

Bellagio Limousines offers chauffeured limousines so that you can arrive in style for an event. Limousines are the best option if you are preparing a special surprise package for a love one. For example, if you are planning on a romantic getaway, there is no better transport that you could hire than a limousine.

Sam Levin owns a taxi service named Utah Limousines and he outfitted his fleet of Cadillac Escalades and Chevrolet Suburban with technology that runs on natural gas instead of the typical gas from the pumps. Sam got sick because of driving through smog in winter and sucking in hazardous fumes every time an inversion settled in Salt Lake Valley.

According to Sam, air quality is a struggle particularly during winter that many people complain about it. Sam thought that he could lure customers through green fleet. Project Green Fleet is a voluntary program that provides pollution control equipment for diesel vehicles at low or no costs to the fleet. The technology reduces emissions by decreasing vehicle idling, by treating exhaust or by replacing entire engines with modern and cleaner substitutes.

However, several years later, Sam found out that going green for the sake of the environment is not increasing his profits. He expected that there will be more customers once they know about the eco-friendly limousines. Reception was lackluster. Business however has been particularly solid during winter but it seems that people are not thinking about the environment when they take transportation.

Sam really had the desire to help the environment although it was not the reason why he is in the transportation industry. He was a former IT worker but when he moved to Salt Lake he can’t find equivalent work but a few odd jobs. He later discovered that he can make a living with driving so he build a website and the rest is history. He was however disappointed when his efforts at going green was unappreciated.

He has one client who shares his passion to keep the skies smog-free. Sam once drove for Daryl Hannah who is a vocal supporter to save the environment and she is definitely pleased that Sam is doing his share.