Vacuum Pump Worth $48,500 Purchased By Norwood

Jet-Vac Equipment Company recently sold a PV-500 Pacific Tek vacuum excavator to the town of Norwood after an approval was made for the purchase which is worth $48,500.

According to John Mullis, the town administrator, they are incredibly in awe of what the machine is doing for the town of Norwood and they have been questioning themselves how they were able to manage without it before. In order to work properly on a manhole, it is necessary to remove all the existing waste. When working on a meter base that has a problem with leaking water, it is also necessary to remove all that water first.

Before the purchase of their own vacuum pump, the town of Norwood has been relying on outside sources when it comes to their pumping needs. This set up has resulted to an instance where in the town needed a pump for an emergency situation. This resulted to a $600 bill which the town has to shoulder.

According to the board, the average cost for the pumping expenses that the town is paying monthly results to $775 bill. Mullis said that in the event that the town decides to buy their own pumping unit using their own funds then their monthly bill would boil down to $660 and Norwood will be able to save around $15 every month after the purchase.

Mullis also added that there is another benefit of having their own vacuum pump – they will be able to respond to emergency waste leakage when it happens thus reducing the possibility of a contamination spill happening.

Mullis said that it is important for a town to have a plan when it comes to handling emergency situations such as pump failure or waste spill.

The motion to buy their own pump was passed because of a unanimous decision with a resolution that the official of the town will be able to reimburse the cost.

Though there has been some drama that ensued between Bill Johnson and Robbie Cohen, the commissioner, Johnson has already issued a public apology. The important thing now is that the town has their own vacuum pump which one of the best there is including the OP vacuum pump, to be used by Norwood.