Web Design Trends For Your Business

As the internet makes the world smaller and smaller, businesses like Manchester self storage now take their investments to the worldwide web more often than they did before. Businesses use websites more often to market and sell their products in the past few years. This can largely be attributed to the growing utilization of mobile internet. Everyone has a mobile device nowadays. This enables them to be online wherever they go whether at work, at home, or during travel. This phenomena makes it even more enticing for businesses to invest more on their websites.

However, just like any endeavor, websites can be tricky if you don’t know the right formula for design. Website design can make or break your website investment for your business. And just like any other trend, there are things you need to follow in website design for you to be able to keep up with the ever changing demands and preferences of the world today. That’s why we managed to list down a few design trends we believe will make you more successful as a business owner.

1. Invest in Responsive Design
Basically, responsive design means that your website is optimized for whatever screen size or resolution you use whether on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. What does this mean for you? It means that your website is optimized for the viewing pleasure of mobile device users, who actually rule the worldwide internet bandwidth.

2. Grid Layouts
Grid layouts basically arranges every content on your website in columns, boxes, rows, and sections. It helps your website look clean and neat rather than just stuff any content wherever you want to. On your part, it makes your website appealing for customers and, at the same time, they can find content easier this way.

3. Complementary and Contrasting Colors

Use complementing colors more often. Complementing colors create a sense of balance and neatness on your website. For contrasting colors, they are best used for background and texts. Always make sure that the color of the text contrasts with the background. This makes it easier for viewers to read texts.

4. Large Photos and Texts
For large photos, this means that they immediately capture the attention of your viewers and will see what your business is all about just by looking at the photo. For large texts, the purpose of using them is to capture the attention of viewers. Study shows that large texts tend to make site visitors last longer than usual when visiting a website. Longer viewing time equals possible sales.

5. Dropdowns
Dropdown is a design technique used for the navigation panel. Basically, by pressing on an option on the navigation menu, more options dropdown from that menu. This benefits the website because it helps make it look cleaner by having less initial options on the navigation menu but would still have the same amount of content by hiding them under the primary options.