What Students Get From An International School in Bangkok

Parents aspire their children to have high quality education. When they are paying for a six-digit fee on international school in Bangkok, they long to see the very best in their kids. But it’s never easy to choose a school where their kids can attain the best academic experience and be a great shot when entering top-calibre university. As with any other product, parents want to know they’re really getting the value of their money.

Students from international schools often graduate with globally recognized certificates like the International Baccalaureate, US high school diploma, Cambridge IGSCE, or A-levels for the British curriculum. These cannot be earnedfrom a national system and will be enticing for globally accepted universities like Cambridge or Harvard.

The fluency in the English language is now required with the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community to encourage cross border business activities. Many affluent and middle-class parents are now preparing the next generation with skills that they need in the future.

“The global study programs will guide students on a realistic level in terms of doing rather than remembering the Thai education system which is somewhat outdated,” said one Thai mother whose daughter went to an international school in Bangkok for education.

“They are often offered the capacity to practice English all the time and become familiar with the language. Culturally, the students come in various nationalities. They can learn and adapt to various cultures and nationalities, which is helpful in leading to their future careers.”

Some international schools permit their local students to make up 60% or more of the total enrolment, but others choose lower caps for diversity.

While a considerable fee is a concern for some, most parents choose to make a financial commitment, with the concern that their children will learn from the curriculum, facilities and their teachers’ qualifications.

Another thing about an international school in Bangkok is having their students engage in more extracurricular activities. What parents find here are swimming facilities, tennis courts, indoor theatre and orchestra rehearsal rooms.

At lower level schools, the facilities may not be that extravagant, and they also can’t pay more salaries that top schools are paying their best teachers. However, tuition fees are lower.