What To Expect When Booked In A Kanchanaburi Resort

If you want to explore the unknown places of Thailand, you can start with Kanchanaburi and book an accommodation in a Kanchanaburi Resort. The town is best known for the fallen Allied soldiers who are responsible for the town’s dark past. However, in Kanchanaburi, you can have a worthwhile stay and enjoy the natural attractions surrounding it.

  • Thailand-Burma Railway Centre

This is a museum that showcase the little history of the Kwai River Bridge. Professional exhibits feature Japan’s aggression in Southeast Asia during the World War II. The plan connects Yangon in Burma to Bangkok via a railway to transport military supplies. Captured Allied soldiers, Malay and Burmese captives were brought to the jungles of Kanchanaburi to construct the Death Railway, which claimed many lives.

Across the railway centre is the Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery to remember the POWs, mainly from Holland and Britain, who died in this town.

  • Kwai River Bridge or Death Railway Bridge

This bridge was made famous by the film ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ with its rich history. But as you see it, it’s like a regular bridge with amazing history. The bridge was a strategic part of the Death Railway to Burma, and engineers estimated its construction to take around five years. However, human labourers were forced to complete the railway in about 16 months. The bridge was destroyed by Allied planes in 1945; however, it was restored thereafter. From the Kanchanaburi resort, you can explore this historic site using a bicycle.

  • World War II Museum

This is a privately owned museum near the bridge. It’s sometimes recognised as the Jeath War Museum, although there is also a museum in town with the same name. It’s an authentic temple with vast artworks and the oddest assortments of memorabilia.

  • Jeath War Museum

It’s actually an outdoor museum in comparison to its original Jeath War Museum, which is operated by monks as a living memory to those who died during the war. Here, you’ll see nothing iconic but historic pictures of the POWs. It’s more of a photo gallery of fading pictures of POW survivors.