What Will Be The Decoration Inside The White House Under Trump?

A lot of questions are running around the mind of the citizens of Washington regarding the issues that is surrounding the administration of the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. One of the questions many are asking is how the President will decide to redecorate the White House since he is known to collect a number of luxury homes.

According to the author of the book entitled “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House”, Kate Andersen Brower, a lot of people are excited to know. Many consider the topic to be sexy. The book she wrote is all about the staffs that are in charge of the decorations inside the White House including the florists, ushers, craftspeople, painters and carpenter. They are the same people that ensure everything runs smoothly in every administration.

Brower said that she has read the tea leaves as well as talked to the people that are close to the residence staff, it seems that the new administration will not going to do a lot when it comes to decorations because it is not a priority for them. The truth is there have been no coordination with the outgoing first family (the Obamas) with the new family (the Trumps) and the staff of the White House. This is unusual to know that there has been no coordination before the inauguration.

Bower added that is a clue that Trump will be busy with other matters in the White House and would not be putting a priority to redecoration. It is certain that the President will not decide anything fundamental that will alter the historical characteristic of the rooms inside the White House especially those on the first and some selected rooms on the second landing.

Those parts are the People’s House thus it is owned by the people and not by whoever is the current President. Therefore, it is protected by law against any meddling as well as custom and the guardian curators together with historians. It would be hard for anyone to redecorate the Yellow Oval Room in any color because the Office of the Curator guards this area of the White House. When choosing a painter and decorator, choose a company that is White House worthy such as BD decorators.