When Renovations Must Focus On Function Instead Of Aesthetics

Perkins Hall and Barbour Hall was renovated last summer and next in line will be the renovation of first-year residence halls at Emery, Woolley, Morris and Champlin including the upper year halls of Young Orchard #2, #4 and #10. The office of Residential Life will be in charge of the renovations.

For the past 6 years, Residential Life has focused on the renovations of the first-year and upper-year housing with some projects in Keeney Quadrangle, Miller Hall, Metcalf Hall, Andrews Hall, Wayland House, Wriston Quadrangle, Perkins Hall and Barbour Hall. The last three summers have been focused exclusively on the upper year’s housing but Residential Life will be refreshing the buildings of the first year this coming summer.

According to Richard Hilton, assistant director of Residential Life, halls will be repainted, old carpets will be replaced, new beds will be installed and a big lounge will be built the ground floor of Morris and Emery. Expenses for the improvements that are scheduled for summer will run to about $5 million.

On the other hand, James Feinberg who resides in Emery does not believe that the dorms require renovations. While renovations will improve the aesthetics of dorms, he prefers other types of improvements. According to Feinberg, the showers in the bathrooms are too low.

However, Malwina Showron thinks that her dorm needs refreshing. Once the heat is on, the radiator starts to make clanging noises which is definitely strange. The thermostat has been out of control which requires her to open a window on warm days during winter. Furniture and walls are in good condition but there is a problem with ants entering through the cracks in the caulking of the kitchen and bathtub. A more useful change will be the vents in the bathroom that fails to remove heat and steam so that the bathroom becomes soaked when somebody else uses the shower.

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