Who Is Responsible For Tree Removal After A Storm?

According to Trees Atlanta, metro Atlanta has the nation’s highest urban tree canopy which means the layer of leaves, branches and stems of trees from a bird’s eye view. During stormy summer months, the risks of trees falling on your yard are very high but how you remove the tree will make the difference between a headache and heartache.

The most common step undertaken when a tree falls in the yard is to call the insurance company but when the storm affects a whole neighborhood, the homeowner becomes responsible for removing the tree no matter where it came from. This means that even if the tree is rooted on the neighbor’s yard, if it crashes into your yard, it your problem. Once the insurance company gives the green light for tree removal, you become responsible for hiring the contractor.

However, most homeowners will usually take it upon themselves to remove the fallen tree using a chainsaw because sometimes contractors are too busy. Unless the homeowner is highly skilled in the use of chainsaw, it is best to leave the tree removal to professionals. Under the federal law, tree cutting requires the use of personal protective equipment like chaps, safety glasses and other gear whenever a tree is cut from the ground.

Chaps are very important when using the chainsaw because they can save the leg from injury. Chaps are made from material that can stop the chainsaw blade from bruising the skin even if it is running at full speed. Protective glasses will save the eyes from injuries due to flying splinters. Not unless you are a professional in tree removal, the job can be quite dangerous and the potential of ending up in the emergency room is quite high. Even with skill and experience and the necessary power tools, it is important to take all the necessary precautions before tackling the tree.

In Australia, the best option is Tree removal Perth for the highly technical but delicate task of removing damaged trees from your yard. It is very critical to hire professionals when the tree is located near power lines because they have certain techniques to ensure safety during the removal process.