Why A Vespa Scooter Is The Best Choice When You Are In Cannes

Piaggio is an Italian aircraft manufacturer that begun work on a prototype of a low cost motor scooter during the Second World War. The initial design of Corradino D’Áscanio was referred to as Vespa which means wasp in Italian. The first Vespa was launched in 1946 and seven decades after, Vespa has sold more 18 million motorbikes.

Will you use a Vespa in fashionable Cannes?

Anybody who wants to be seen will rent a Porsche 356 Speedster convertible at about $200 to $600 a day without any special requirements except for a valid driver’s license. A chauffeur is on hand if the Cannes visitor does not want to drive in dense traffic or mountain roads. The chosen vehicle will be delivered at the airport, at the hotel or anywhere. Car hire providers usually offer luxury automobiles in Cannes because in this glamorous place, it is not what you wear that counts but what you drive.

However, it is not actually the four-wheel vehicles that are considered versatile transport when in Cannes particularly when celebrities descend to place for the legendary film festivals. Classy rides are head turners but traffic during Cannes festivals is a nightmare.

Your best option whether you are headed to Cannes’ Old Town, to the chic Croisette or a far-flung destination for the amazing views is the sporty Vespa. While it is not the glamorous conveyance of your dreams because of the wind of your hair and the sun on your back, you will feel like Audrey Hepburn or Gregory Peck in the film “Roman Holiday.”

Car hire providers will let you choose from three shiny new Vespa models for $54 to $64 a day. However, if you are arriving for the Cannes festival, make sure to book the Vespa motor scooter 10 days in advance because most people prefer the 2-wheel vehicle to weave through traffic.

UK bike dealers offer Vespa for sale for competitive prices. You have a choice from 300cc, 150cc and 50cc Vespa scooters. Remember that when you are buying a Vespa scooter, it is not just an ordinary scooter but a great icon of Italian elegance and style.