Why Is There A Phone In The Hotel Bathroom?

If you are one of those frequent travelers that opt to stay in hotel rooms, have you noticed a telephone on the wall of the bathroom? It seems awkward to install a phone in that location particularly since it is very unlikely to make a call from the toilet. It certainly does not make sense because hotels know that their guests always have mobile phones with them when traveling.

Hotel guests were asked in a Quora forum why a phone is ubiquitous in most 4-star and 5-star hotels. There were different answers but the general consensus was phones were signs of status and luxury at a time when mobile phones were not yet in existence. Yes, indeed, because in the past decades only telephones existed for immediate communication.

According to Stephanie Vardavas, a phone in the bathroom means an additional amenity and a sign of luxury. The phone is installed for the convenience of guests who want to receive and answer a call while they are in the bathroom.

Mike Holovacs who has had 10 years experience in the hotel industry, agreed to the assessment but added that a phone in the bathroom is still among the requirements for a hotel to be considered for a star rating. Actually the placement of phones in the hotel bathroom is still a holdover from the days before cell phones.

As of December 2008, it was still an AAA requirement for 4 and 5 Diamond Properties to make a landline or cordless phone accessible from the bathroom. According to Lee Walters, a phone in the bathroom is one of the points that will move the hotel from a 3-star to 4-star rating.

While this is no longer the case in AA Hotel Quality Standards, a hotel room must still provide a direct dial telephone system for safety reasons.

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