Why Quality Flat Floors Are Crucial For Warehouses

Flat smooth floors are required by large warehouses and assembly lines to ensure optimum efficiency. In construction, a level floor is different from a flat floor. A flat floor means a surface that is smooth and not bumpy. In normal circumstances, a flat floor is hardly noticeable but if a forklift carrying more than 6 tonnes of load with eight-inch tyres is used or if the forklift is used to stack a very high rack with materials, every millimetre counts to ensure that the forklift does not wobble.

Floor specialist Zach Lim Eng Hock is a regular contractor and he learned the importance of floors from one of his contracts. The client was a multinational company in the fast-moving goods sector. Lim who was the head contractor remembered the manager telling him that flat floors are very crucial to the project. The client planned to stack goods over 12m in height which requires a super flat floor to ensure that the racks will not tilt. Lim’s experience in building factories and rest rooms was not enough. He needed to consult with experts.

Lim spent over RM1 mil in consultation fees and equipment to ensure flat and solid floors. The experience Lim gained from the project was an investment for his company’s collective knowledge. Many logistics hub planners are planning to stack goods up to 16m and not all contractors know how to deliver the right floor.

Lim decided to become a floor specialist and operate a sub-contractor instead of main contractor. Building a flat floor is not easy because it has to be done in several stages with many layers required according to requirements and the kind of finishing that will be used. During the construction, pouring of concrete must be properly planned to ensure that it complies with standards. Aside from the differences between level floor and flat floor, cement or concrete contractors must also understand the differences between burnished and polished concrete.

Perth Concrete Polishing can complete a job quickly without compromising quality because they have the right equipment and accessories. Polished concrete is hard wearing, cost effective and easy to maintain with a longer life.