Will Plain Packaging Be The End Game For The Tobacco Industry?

Is plain packaging the end game for the tobacco industry? Health Canada is proposing new packaging rules for tobacco products similar to what Australia is doing. Tobacco products are being used by more than 5 million Canadians. About 37,000 people are killed every year by tobacco and it is expected that more will die prematurely if they do not quit the habit.

If the logos and colors on tobacco are removed, the graphic health warnings on the packages will become more powerful because the brain will easily understand the unambiguous messages. People are actually worried about the youth and they want rebranding so that the product will look different. However, the tobacco industry has fired back. Nobody in Canada started smoking because of the packs particularly since packaging is already covered with graphic health warnings.

According to Igor Dzaja of JTI-MacDonald Corp. the Canadian government should crackdown on illegal smokers instead of implementing misguided regulations. Plain packaging is interfering with the freedom of consumers on products like alcohol and junk food. Canada should stop from importing a failed Australian experiment that introduced plain packaging.

However, David Hammond of the School of Public Health, University of Waterloo says the plain packaging has contributed to the large decline in smoking in Australia. Hammond has looked at the tobacco industry for several decades and found out that packaging does matter. Evidences from consumer tracking revealed that packaging can increase the market share of brands.

For example, regular Coke uses red while Diet Coke uses silver. Perfume packaging makes the product more appealing to women. If cigarette packs are light in color, it leads smokers into thinking that the cigarettes are also “light.” The tobacco industry is fighting plain packaging because it is the remaining bastion of their marketing. They are going to fight with all their available resources.

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