Winterizing A Home To Prevent Huge Plumbing Bills

Winter is definitely in Saltillo with a lot of people already warming up their homes. However, several plumbers are also about to get very busy.

According to Sam Scott from Sam’s Plumbing, as soon as there is at least 3 days of having cold weather, they usually get around eight calls per day.

He said that this is due to many homeowners not winterizing their homes prior to the cold weather.

He added that when preventative maintenance is done, then people can forestall calling for help. Otherwise, they will have to contact a plumber.

Tips for winterizing a home

And in order to avoid making that call, Scott shared several tips to WTVA regarding ways to begin winterizing a home.

Scott indicated that for those who will take their vacation or when it is the night, where it will get very cold because of the lack of sunlight, the thing to do is for a single lever faucet to be changed in the middle so as to get both hot and cold, as well as to allow it to have a minimal stream.

He mentioned that this will have the pipes warm. He also added that the cabinet doors found under kitchen or bathroom sinks need to be left open in order to get the pipes exposed to the heat.

He said that the pipes have to be exposed because of the heating used in the house that doesn’t get through the cabinets unless doors are opened.

An alternative way to protect the pipes is to have them insulated. Homeowners can have the armor flex prefab Styrofoam which goes around the pipes, according to Scott.

He left a tip for homeowners and realtors, who have properties up for sale. This is something that is not too obvious. He mentioned that water that is sitting in a toilet bowl may freeze or bust. He suggested to get antifreeze from a local store which sells RV stuff or from an automotive store. He said to pour this to the tank or bowl so as to prevent the water from freezing.

Scott mentioned that homeowners must never leave water hoses hooked up to hydrants since this can result to water damage. He suggested to unhook water hoses and to cover it.


When these simple suggestions are followed, may be a plumber in a local area – or a plumber in Northampton, for those in the UK – will not need to be called.